You like me, right? No, really. Like, like-like, yeah?

Teehee. Totally kidding. You don't need to say yes.

(Yeah right, you totally do.)

Here's the thing...

I've had interesting conversations recently with clients who relay just how much they appreciate the

BASE Method community and culture they are a part of.

I heard one say, "...even when you look good, you still feel inadequate..." when participating in most fitness programs.

I also had one express her frustration about fearing the judgment or opinions of others when working out in the group fitness scene. That she "didn't want to care" about what others thought, but yet, still found herself, well, caring.

I've always heard the sentiment that we should give 2 sh!ts about what others think. Screw the haters. Feel damn good rocking your own skin no matter what another has to say.

Truth? That's a total fantasy.

We're built to care. That's what makes you a good, empathic, compassionate and understanding individual.

Unless we're serial killers, we honestly can't change our desire to be liked, to fit in, to receive the validation from those around us.

What we can change?

Who exactly we choose to be around.

Hellooo BASE Method crew and family.

I can say with complete and utter confidence, I've never been around a more supportive, loving, fun and fantastic group of badass babes and bosses.

Who honestly enjoy seeing one another shine like the stars they are.

The method and program was built to support individuals who want to sweat and burn at their level- no matter what level they rocked.

The method and program therefore attracted those who recognize how affirming and gratifying it is to feel that support, no matter what level they rocked.

It has been such an incredible and challenging journey to build a brand from scratch.

However, from the beginning I asked myself often-

who I wanted to serve,

who I wanted to support, and honestly,

who I wanted to be around.

The crew here?

Yeah, I've chosen you.

You're my people and who I feel most happily at home with when coaching and when rocking the workout alongside you. It's also what keeps me committed, as the support is so wonderfully shared.

Does your fitness program and the peeps around you make you feel this good? This committed? This supported? This confident? This happy?

Because it really should.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

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