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What's your why... now?

I've talked about this before.

My 'why' for creating BASE, my why for wanting to support you online, my why for building an inclusive and supportive brand, culture and community...

However, I realize how much it's changed, even though I'm continuing on this same road.

It also has shifted for you.

Your 'why' for being here. Your why for still being here. Your why for continuing to rock a fitness routine that

(I believe) both holds you accountable and (I hope) makes you feel successful.

The fitness arena continues to change as our world continues to change with it.

My why for being here has also shifted from when

I first started.

I launched online because of loss.

I lost my job, I lost my direction, I lost my security and was starting to lose my sanity.

I'm still running online because of what I gained.

I gained a community, I gained my purpose, I gained newfound confidence and a belief that I could build and offer something that serves you in a consistent and meaningful way.

Oh and yeah...

I also gained back some much needed sanity after once again losing it to the newborn dayzzz.

Whenever we're attempting to create a routine for ourselves or potentially take on something that doesn't come easy, it's important to acknowledge the why behind it.

The reason you try it.

The reason you make time for it.

The reason you keep going.

Answering this (and reminding yourself of this regularly) will likely fuel your motivation more than anything else.

BASE was designed with the intent to provide a workout and a fitness routine that serves to make you feel strong, confident, joyful and motivated.

A program that would also encourage your desire to stay committed, because hell, what's the point in doing something over and over again if we can't also have a little fun.

How does your fitness routine make you feel?

Why do you continue to rock it?

If it's BASE, why do we keep you moving?

Feel free to drop me an email and share.

I'd love to hear it.

(...and if it's because I play Wilson Phillips when I can, then that is clearly a big enough reason alone.)

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

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