What kind of (workout) swimmer are you?

Talk to me. Suit on, lathered up, and ready to cannonball into your 2021 workout routine? Or are you dipping your toe into the workout pool a little more slowly? I'm not one to judge and honestly, I never found the turnover into a new year to mean I suddenly need to carve out new resolutions and commitments to change my behavior. I do, however, hold great value in my constant resolution and commitment to those who I surround myself with. This is what matters to me, no matter what year we're ending or rolling into. Thankfully, when my motivation is lacking (which umm, is now more than e.v.e.r./blame another thing on the baby)... I have you all to keep me moving. Literally and figuratively. Another guy who does the same - Stu Brauer of WTF Gym Talk. This guy has been supportive in coaxing me me on his podcast for months. And well, talk about reliving some of the highlights (and lowlights) of my fitpro journey. It actually was kinda cool to look back in way I haven't... or in a way I fully appreciated. Because, well, look at us now! Want to listen? So what do you say. Got a fellow swimmer who wants/needs to dive in or maybe hang out with her feet in the workout pool? Share our BASE family love. Have them use Coupon Code: 2021 to rock any single BASE Method Virtual class for $10. (Valid for any live classes between 1/1 through 1/29.) You know life, swimming and a workout, is always better when shared. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

BASE Method *NEW* Targeted Workout Videos: *Booty + Biceps + Triceps and Nipples (*Don't worry, no nipples were hurt in the production of this video.) *Shoulders and Core if you like s'more (*Something about this combo is extra chocolately and delicious.) BASE Target- Russian Deadlift (*A hip hinge movement that deserves the extra vodka and practice)

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It's time to ROCK YOUR BASE

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