Welp, the baby's outta the bag.

For many of you, the news of this taco-loving belly being comprised of more than just tacos wasn't exactly news. But still. Felt even more real to put it out there, ya know, fully. Like, is this really happening? Am I really having a baby? I kinda think it's weird that I feel this way. And then, I look back at this entire year and think, is this really happening? Am I really living this life? True story: What gives me insane joy is knowing that I get to take you all with me. You're on the crazy train with me and now, now (!) we get to ride to baby town. I can only imagine the next level sh$t that is going to come out of my mouth as this belly takes on a life of its own. Literally. Sharing this next adventure with you feels like a new opportunity to strengthen our community, our bond, and our joy. (Oh, and get ready to laugh at me. A lot. Can you picture the dumb moves I'm going to try to make look cool 8 months deep? Yikes.) In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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