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"Well damn, your cup runeth over."

It really freakin' did.

A friend of mine uttered these words as we landed in the hospital this week with my monks. Which actually made me laugh, because its so (hilariously/frustratingly/devastatingly) accurate.

As many of you know, the challenge to get my mini to grow beyond mini-hood has been a part of our story since well, pretty much the very beginning.

(Which is endlessly ironic considering the endless projection of her being a gorilla baby from the jump.)

Maybe they jinxed me.

Regardless, we're here now, nearly 6 months later, with unfortunately not much to show from our efforts to make her gorilla dreams a reality.

With reasons still unknown and her continued, proven inability to get the calories and nutrition she needs for that baby brain to grow with her, its becoming increasingly likely that she will require a permanent tube for feedings until she can crush that food on her own.

Sigh. Know that tears are streaming down my face right now as I type those words.

That said, its time for me to press pause with

BASE Method online.

We've come so far. Together. And as I've said countless times before, I would never have a brand, a program, a community, a culture, ... none of it, if it hadn't been for you.

It's funny to look back to where we started.

Completely shitty audio, terrible mics, weird camera angles, zoom failure after zoom failure...

My rinky dink website that I attempted to build myself. The challenge of trying to coordinate scheduling, memberships, bookings...

The 8261018 times I literally wanted to throw my computer out.the.freakin.window. for being unable to provide the at-home workout experience I wanted to.

And yet, look at us now.

Far from perfect, we've still managed, together, to navigate all the challenges to build

a consistent, fitness routine to rock each and every dang week.

Now that is pretty damn awesome.

I also managed to score some of the best online trainers around.

Who elevated this brand and program to a whole new level. One I never could have realized, or have made it this far, without them.

Like a broken record, my gratitude for this experience is one I won't ever forget.

Nor do I believe this journey is over.

What I do need, however, is to press pause for a bit as I care for my monkey. She and I are headed down a new road together and its one that I believe will take a lot of my cup (and that I'll somehow need to refill

in the meantime, errr....)

Grab a spot live and rock those recordings for me while we stay hospital bound for the next little bit. We both know you're in fab hands with Myra & Heather closing us out.

Members! Check your inbox in the next couple of days for more information concerning the pause on your membership and when our final classes will run.

And lastly,...

as Myra recently relayed to me, lets just think of this as 'an intermission'.

One where we grab a beer and some popcorn and come back more ready than ever to rock our BASE.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

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