Should I stay or should I go now?

I've been asked a few times lately what my long-term plans are with BASE... Will I return to a studio? Will I keep rocking a virtual platform? Will I ever be able to do a sit up again? Oh wait, nevermind. That last one was me. It's funny how much it's still so hard to look forward. How much uncertainty continues to exist for me personally, professionally, ... I mean, for us all really. In some ways, I find this experience has been somewhat freeing. I've never been more present focused, including fully recognizing what I can and cannot control. In other ways, the anxiety that comes with being unable to make set and defined plans regarding my future is crushing. As is the unfortunate, continued fear and doubt that causes me to question the legitimacy of what I'm doing and where I'm trying to go. My husband and I both jumped to start and build our own businesses when everything that was once certain in our worlds was stripped away. I suppose focusing all our energy (and our hearts) into creating something from nothing provided some sense of control. Like, if we push and grind and give it everything we've got, we can tangibly take hold of our future. Which in reality, is umm, slightly hilarious to me now as I continue to fumble along as a clueless entrepreneur riding the glorious sink or swim train I'm on. However, while some things have been lost in terms of stability and certainty, other things have been gained beyond my wildest expectations. Namely, you. All of you, really, that have continued to ride this rather sweaty train with me. I've relayed repeatedly how much your desire and commitment to rock each and every week- whether live, with recordings, or on demand, has meant literally everything. Because it has, literally.meant.everything. Different options become available and look appealing. Our schedules, our lives, change, shift, get crazier... You choosing to believe in me and the brand and continually being motivated by the training and programming I offer fuels my own motivation to keep going. And keep going I am. Where to and how exactly it shakes out, to be continued.. So, thank you, endlessly, for trusting my hazy pursuit and going with me. Let's figure out our long-term plans together, shall we? See you this week, BASE fam. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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Our Mission:

BASE Method was developed with the belief that group fitness can be incredibly challenging, warmly supportive and ridiculously fun, thereby opening the door to all regardless of their fitness ability.  Harnessing the power of music and personal level setting bases, BASE Method creates and then fosters a love of movement, heightened sense of self and a strong, diverse community that extends far beyond our virtual screens.

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