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No seriously, how are you really doing?

I ask this because, for one thing, I really do care about you. And how you're doing. And what's motivating you, challenging you, bringing you down, or bringing you joy.

I also like to know what's in your head and how you're feeling as gut check for myself. You know, to determine whether I'm crazy or not...

(... or, umm, just how much...)

Energetically, things feel a bit off for me honestly.

Typically I look within and at my life when I start to feel this way, in efforts to dig out the root of what's causing this vibe. And while I'm still massively sleep-deprived, semi-worried about my tiny monkey, want-to-rip-off-my-boobs and burn my breast pump alive, and continuing to battle the juggle of trying to work (or, say, eat breakfast) while managing our circus at home, I actually, overall, feel pretty damn good.

Which leads me to then look outside myself...

I'm wondering if what I'm feeling is actually in response to the collective rhythm that beats underneath us all right now. This... this..., I don't know... this like, blah, general air of malaise that we continue to breathe.

Just me?

I'm knocking on the door of school starting and what usually serves as a time to be pumped, is now filled with all sorts of other emotions.

We're reaching for the fall (by far, THE best time of the year IMO) and yet it's now revealing just another season of uncertainty where no one knows how things will unfold.

So what do we do?

A wise owl friend of mine said:

"I think that one thing that has come from all this, for me, is acceptance. Accepting that I don't know what tomorrow will bring, and that today my best may look a whole lot different than yesterday."

(I like to picture her tapping a cigar on the ashtray beside her as she sips a brandy and shares her thoughts with me.)

But seriously, if that ain't the truth.

Besides this acceptance and loss of control (which, let's be serious, we never really had)- what then can we also adopt to power through this time in our lives?

I say we write our own headlines for what we do, experience, focus on and believe.

NOTE: This doesn't mean you need to be flawless and your life needs to be perfect to keep some good vibes a flowin'.

Reality is, your story each day isn't written by Rainbow Bright.

As the owl relayed above, it's "normal" and expected to have some variety for the way in which we take on both our day and the world, for any given week.

I'm still in the land where I feel pride from a shower and a clean butt.

However, there are some days where I'm literally high-fiving myself over and over again for keeping all the freakin' balls in the air AND having a clean butt.

When I acknowledge and pay attention to this, I suddenly feel a whole shift in my body and my mind.

So, whatcha think...

What are you going to notice that transforms your mood?

What are you going to do that shakes off a bit of the blue?

What are you going to focus on that gives you a boost of pride and positivity?

Share your plans and your storylines in our Facebook group to further hold yourself (and one another) accountable to create some extra pizazz for the week!

And oh yeah...

We'll be over here rocking your BASE to give you another headline that reads as straight damn J.O.Y.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

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