New BASE Method Instructors coming to a screen near you!!

What do you think you're trying to do, Brie? Build and grow a legitimate brand? Uhh, yeah. Yeah I do, actually. And well, I'm growing a gorilla, so let's be honest, this mama will be retiring to the trees for a min with a new babe on her back soon enough. When I started BASE nearly a year and a half ago, I envisioned its growth by its ability to grow a community. B.C. (Before COVID) and before baby - I wrote my mission statement: By powerfully connecting to the music and creating a space and community free of judgment, the mission of BASE Method is to offer classes and challenge groups that foster a love of movement, a desire to feel confident, a heightened sense of self, and the opportunity to feel stronger both in body and in spirit. With this, I set out to create something that truly felt different in a ginormous fitness ocean where endless options can make anyone feel lost at sea. While it's been one of the most challenging years of our lives, we've also remained steady and strong in our commitment to showing up, to this community and to ourselves. I'm excited to introduce the *new instructors* soon enough. Trust that they are phenomenal and will keep you rocking in the months to come! Oh, and to be clear, I'm not going anywhere. The plan is to only build a more robust live class schedule to increase your options to rock your BASE. While we've learned that we can't predict anything, you can however, trust and rely on my commitment to you. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

BASE Method *NEW* Targeted Workout Videos: *Block Party (*...or ball bonanza, or pillow play... I couldn't decide. Think grabbing one of these -yoga block, barre ball or pillow- to rock, squeeze, and sweat with.) *BASE Express Express (*Got 26 minutes? I'll sneak a taste of it all in this express workout) BASE Target- Staggered Diagonal Hip Hinge Work (*You know I like to keep things fresh. This subtle difference in your back leg creates all the difference that matters)

Looking for just On Demand sweaty play? Become a member at TODAY! There you will find various options to crush the growing, targeted workout library that offers endless combinations for a quick and super effective muscle burnout. Trust, it's worth it.

BASE Method Schedule this week: Monday: 9:30a Wednesday: 7a Friday: 8:30a BARRE w/ Sweat Connected Monday: 8a

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Still want to catch that podcast to hear about all my fitpro adventures? Check it out:

Sharing the BASE love or using yourself? I hope so! Remember! Coupon Code: 2021 to rock any single BASE Method Virtual class for $10. (Valid for any live classes between 1/1 through 1/29.)

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