Let the season of zero motivation begin!

Let the season of zero motivation begin!

I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm not promoting this by any means, however in reality, its exactly what this time of year brings. For myself included. Staring down at my growing gorilla belly I realize how little I want to get sweaty and how much I want to eat every Chrissy cookie in sight. Here's the thing about motivation. It's not an attribute that courses through our veins all the damn time. It usually requires active awareness and an active push for the desired behavior. (It's not like this a$$ of mine is gonna get off the couch itself.) In most cases it also requires the support and accountability of someone shining some motivational light in your corner. Here's where we've got this. What do you say we make a pinky promise? Like, an imaginary air one that we do by ourselves? (#quarantinelife) Let's close our eyes, pinky extended, and promise to stay committed to our own health and joy for movement as we stay committed to one another. Even if this means we're basically dragging one another there some days. Trust me- sometimes you're going to be pulling me from that hot chocolate mug as I waddle over to the screen. Also trust I'll be grateful for it. I mean, maybe initially I'll be a crank, but I'll turn it around as soon as Benatar or Bieber come on. In sweaty gratitude always, -B xo

BASE Method *NEW* Targeted Workout Videos: *UPPER Body with a dash of lower body love (*a dash of anything makes everything better) *BASE Express with umm, werewolves (*because who doesn't want to workout with werewolves?)

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