Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water...

Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water...

It really (safely) is! The request for in-person events continue and I love exploring every possibility. Be on the lookout for upcoming BASE time outdoors where we safely get sweaty and strong together. Like, legit, together. Here's what is also great. Our virtual time isn't slowing down. As we approach my favorite (and busiest) time of year, I appreciate how tough it is to stay accountable and committed to your workout routine. However, this is where online training has the chance to truly thrive. I get it, when you don't have to drive to a studio class or you don't get charged when you don't show up, your motivation wanes. However, the good news? You don't have to drive to a studio class and you don't get charged studio fees. So when we're talking the craziest time of year, saving time and saving money should be all the motivation you need. But okay, if you need something more, go ahead and pass on your number. I'll text you 5 minutes before every class to make sure you get your fine booty there. Cool? Cool. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

Already thinking holiday gifts? Me too. BASE Method apparel and gear is on the horizon. I'm like, umm, really (really) excited. More on that to come...

  • BASE Method NEW Targeted Workout Videos:*

*Lower Body Sorcery (it's magical, duh) *Shoulders, Triceps + Bodacious Biceps (bc you're bodacious, duh) *BASE Target- Sidelye Tricep Pushup (bc this move is hard af and sucks, duh)

BASE Method Schedule this week: Monday: 930a Wednesday: 7a Friday: 830a BASE Method Express: Tuesday: 8a

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It's time to ROCK YOUR BASE

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