If you could have anything right now...

... what would it be? For me, the answer is easy... s.l.e.e.p. Baby Pen is what, 12 days old now and it's remarkable how much it feels like 12 years since I last slept. After I inject some caffeine into my veins and the fog lifts (slightly), I fully appreciate what I crave just as badly. Connection. Friendships. Community. It literally feeds my soul like coffee. I've always been one that prefers village-style parenting. Where I'm surrounded by other mamas going through the same grind, the same sh!t, the same challenges and the same joys. I find that in sharing this all, I'm able to ground myself in a way I could never do alone. While this isn't my first rodeo, baby, in many ways, it still feels like it. And I find myself once again seeking opportunities to connect with the outside world to ensure that I don't get lost in the baby haze that for me, can sometimes lend itself to baby insanity. (and umm, like, not the good kind of crazy) What about you? What is one thing you're desperately missing? Craving? Or continuing to chase? Does it align with anything we can provide for you here? Is it more movement? More strength? More confidence? More joy? More connection? As you know for me, BASE has never been simply about the workout itself. I love it physically for sure, but I love how its made me feel that.much.more. Additionally, what this culture and community has provided for me mentally and emotionally for over a year now...? I couldn't measure even if I tried. It's that damn good. So while I remain somewhat submerged in my newborn submarine, please know that I'm never far. And that staying connected, even when completely underwater, is always the breath of fresh air I need. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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