Walking on, walking on broken glass...

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Do me a favor. Think about this: Anything you can walk away from right now? To be clear, it's not me asking. It's Annie Lenox. I actually consciously chose to walk away from some things since last weekend. I stepped off social a bit. I pulled off the grind highway, the activities that attempt to push my business forward. I skipped away from some household chores that needed to get done ....ya know, the things I always feel I "should" do. The tasks I'm "compelled" and "obligated" to perform... when honestly, big picture, are probably irrelevant. I mean, some things we have to do each day. I'd like to throw in the towel on the whole home school support gig I was promoted to in March, but well, that's not happening. There are things, however, that feel too sharp underfoot at a time when something else just.matters.more. For instance, when something else takes hold of you emotionally, whether it be grief or celebration, that deserves to be prioritized. Deserves your focus, recognition, or maybe simply, your time. Maybe it's something that warrants letting go, something that prevents you from being where you need to be. In that moment, on that day, during that week. What can you lovingly walk away from? Even if it's temporary? To nurture, water and take care of what you need to right now? To take care of yourself, or to attend to what matters most...? FYI- I threw my annual family holiday cards on that list. I'm know, I know... I just didn't have the mental space to give this year. Other responsibilities, other experiences, other necessary moments took precedence. And that's okay. Maybe you'll get one from me in February. Maybe. In sweaty gratitude always, -B xo

BASE Method *NEW* Targeted Workout Videos: *CORE Galore that's like, "hard" and "a lot" (*I may or may not have said these 2 words 87 times.) *BASE Target - 90 Side Crunch (*The name doesn't make sense so you're now pulled to check it out amiright?) *BASE Target - Side Lying Oblique Work (*I'll show you ways to hit this wicked hard exercise no matter what BASE you're rocking)

BASE Method Schedule this week: Monday: 930a Wednesday: 7a Friday: 830a BARRE w/ the Sweat Connected crew Monday: 8a (Need more info or want to learn about the Sweat Connected online platform? Hit me up.)

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