I want to be a Bridgerton.

I mean, they literally hang out in the most beautiful settings, put on fancy clothes, dance their pretty dances and drink champagne all day. Who wouldn't want that life? (Well, maybe minus the lack of rights you have as a woman and potentially having to marry someone 30 years your senior. Bygones.) Here's the thing. While I sure as hell will not be rocking any corsets currently, I can always carve out ways to enjoy things more like they seem to. We all can. You know the theme of my 2020 was finding ways to create joy. To provide happiness. Whether it be for yourself or for another. And as we continue to roll into another season of uncertainty (and some sh$t), for me, the theme remains. Sometimes it's the most basic things that bring us the greatest pleasure. So go ahead. Use that fancy glass for your La Croix. Hell, throw a few raspberries in there. Pretend ballroom dance in your kitchen. Throw on a fancy bra while you're at it. Then eat your cereal next to a fire. Poof! You're a Bridgerton. I'll belly roll with you all Monday morning. They do that move, right? Poof! I'm one too. In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

BASE Method *NEW* Targeted Workout Videos: *Back and Chest and Back and Chest (*Nothing like a flipping between these two to burn your pancakes, right?) *Plank + a Core cherry (on top) (*Everyone loves plank, no? I threw the core cherry on top to make it extra yummy) BASE Target- Curtsy Squat (*Seems fitting considering my latest Bridgerton obsession?)

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