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Here's to you, my BASE laborers.

Ahh yes. Labor Day!

Here's to the deserved and continual recognition of every single one of you who work hard to

keep this country running.

In every way.

And this crew?

Here's to you!

Talk about labor...

Each week you all show me just how much you w.o.r.k.

Over the years, I've trained for, with, and alongside so many of you.

I've witnessed the dedication,

the motivation,

the struggle,

the challenge,

the drive,

the confidence,

the doubt,

the joy,

the fear,

and both the belief and disbelief that anything is possible for your body.

Fitness is a funny game, where the rules are always changing and the way in which you "win" is always up for debate.

For me, creating BASE was my attempt to play the game a bit differently.

Sure, I want to make you work, make you stronger, make you sweat.

But most importantly, I've always wanted you to feel some straight damn joy as you go.

Have we shared all that and more in this BASE community?


So with that, in recognition of YOU, let's do some laboring on Labor Day.

You know, the good kind.

Where you work and I pay you sweaty happiness in return.

See you tomorrow, this week, and hopefully, always.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

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