Deep breath in, heavy long exhale out...

Deep breath in, heavy long exhale out...

What a week. Ahh yes, another 2020 adventure where collectively we felt so anxious, so unsure, so hopeful, so filled with countless emotions that I think we're all still processing and absorbing in our own way today. My stomach hurt, like really really hurt, most of the week. I wanted to believe it was because of the baby, but well, I think hormones were only partly to blame. I've been coaching more breath work in my classes of late because of how much I took some of its ease for granted before. Now, growing this human, regulating and applying my breath particularly when engaging in physical exercise is more important than ever. But shouldn't that always be the case? How often were you clenching your jaw this week, finding your shoulders drawn up, holding tension in your head, neck or any other place in your body? How releasing is it for a solid 360 degree breath? Ya know, one where you fully inhale through your nose and literally feel your entire ribcage expand in every direction.... only then to allow a steady and slow open-mouth exhale where you instantly feel the exact release your body has longed for... One it's begged for even, however, we continually fail to provide. Typically because we're so consumed with letting stress and strain control our bodies and our minds. What do you say we set the intent for this simple practice more? Regardless of how you're feeling in this or any moment, what if collectively we shared a releasing, hope and soul-filled breath more frequently throughout each and every day? I have a feeling my stomach would hurt a lot less. How about yours? In sweaty gratitude, always, -B xo

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