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Bartender, I like my can cold, red and jiggly.

How is it Thanksgiving already? Is it still 2020? Where am I? Am I really having a baby? Ya know, casual questions I find myself asking most days. Here's what I'm looking forward to this week, however. A couple BASE sweat parties with my online friends. A couple days off, unplugged, to soak in time with my family. A can (or three) of cheap, canned cranberry sauce. (I mean that sh*t is delicious, no?) What about you? What have you on deck this week that deserves recognition and celebration? It's always so unfortunate that we wait for some tragic event, some magical moment or a holiday, even, to recognize the things we're grateful for, the things we should prioritize, the things that make us happiest. What do you say we carry any joy we feel this week into the week after... the next week... and the week after that... I mean, whoever said I can only eat my artificial nirvana one day of the year? Hope to see you, BASE fam. Bc sure as sunshine, I'm hella grateful for you. -B xo

BASE Method NEW Targeted Workout Videos: *Booty Cardio Clash (*well, not a clash exactly bc whose booty doesn't want to get sweaty... err, wait, that sounds gross.) *BASE Target: Seated Pike Shoulder Work (*you'd think when you get to sit down, things would be well, easier.)

BASE Method Schedule this week: Monday: 930a Wednesday: 7a BASE Method Express: Tuesday: 8a

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It's time to ROCK YOUR BASE

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