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"Brie, you are so awesome and motivating, and weirdly enough just participating in Zoom classes fills the need of being in a studio (actually I even like it better sometimes, I think I'm a little weird that way), especially since I now have all of the free weights, bands, ball, etc that I didn't have before. It's funny how fast we adapt but as long as this is our situation, I am feeling a lot better having the chance to do these sessions."

—  BASE Online Member

Our Mission:

BASE Method was developed with the belief that group fitness can be incredibly challenging, warmly supportive and ridiculously fun, thereby opening the door to all regardless of their fitness ability.  Harnessing the power of music and personal level setting bases, BASE Method creates and then fosters a love of movement, heightened sense of self and a strong, diverse community that extends far beyond our virtual screens.

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