You know what’s easy? Loving these two m

I mean, not with me per se.

Well, unless you have like a sweet Hungry Howie's gift card that you'll trade for a workout so I can grab some cheese bread.

I actually just mean in life, in general.

Recently I read the line, "Life is an economy..."

where we spend our attention, behavior and focus on things that we value.

This in turn shows up when we make choices or choose to trade one thing for something else in our quest for more or better of anything.

Better job, better house, better partner...

More money, more freedom, more happiness...

Every single one of our dreams or desires takes us down different roads. One where we will have to sacrifice something, one that will cost something, or one that we'll need to trade in something in order to achieve it.

The whole 'life is an economy' perspective actually becomes more relevant the more we seek to shift

where we currently are at.

If we're looking for a pretty big life shift, buckle up, because we need to be prepared for a number of significant trades that likely go with it.

Anything come to mind for you?

I'll go first.

Helloooo baby Aspen.

Chasing my baby dreams cost me a lot.

Emotionally, mentally, financially... all of it.

I traded a great deal to get here, and will continue to make trades for the rest of my life now that she is earthside.

She's worth the exchange of course because she represents what I value most: Being a mother, sharing a family, and raising children.

However, do I also value my role as a coach, a trainer, and an entrepreneur who dug effing deep to

build this brand from scratch?


Reality is, I have had to make difficult trades with both my time and my ability to serve in this capacity in order to become a baby mama again.

Trades I must accept and embrace as I continue to reflect and prioritize what I value.

I suppose I like the idea that our lives aren't defined by some linear quest. As though we spend our entire existence trying to climb from point A to B.

The shifts, the trades, and the trade-offs simply signify the different seasons we're in. And if we're smart (and aware), we'll pay attention to what we'll need to trade every time we chase something else.

Ultimately I guess I'm sharing this because this is me trying to land in a place where I recognize what I have and the balance I'm trying to maintain in both providing for my family and providing for you.

And honestly, why the virtual, online platform serves to be so damn fabulous for me as I continue to offer BASE to as many as possible.

Do I sometimes drift to wishing I could provide better, different, provide more? Of course.

However, I truly am grateful for the space to continue to offer all I can in this season, right now, with you.

(*calls Hungry Howie's to place order)

See you tomorrow, crew.

You can believe I'll be ready to burn some cheese out.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

I read this and realized how especially applicable it is to my life right now.

In order for me to get anything going in my fitness routine (or in life, really), I need to start moving.

Real talk: I am still not very motivated at this point postpartum.

I'm excited about the coffee I'm going to drink in the morn..., the Coke I'll have a lunch..., the wine then at dinner...

Hmm... it appears the things I'm drinking are the most fulfilling moments of my day.

Oh well, some days they really are.

Here's the thing:

I'm not one to wake and perform rituals (ie, journal, meditate, yoga, etc) that I know I should each day that would foster repetition and build some steam.

I mean, I've been there, I've had seasons where this seamlessly flowed into my day. Where the momentum of performing these tasks carried me into the next.

Right now though? When I wake up blindly confused about who I am and how I got here?

Where I'm exhausted, depleted emotionally and physically, juggling baby + big kids + work + marriage + sanity? Well yeah, it's not happening.

While I'm 100% sure these rituals would be massively beneficial to my life, I just can't seem to give them time without it feeling too damn forced. And I'm too damn insane for anything more to feel forced.

Does exercise feel forced for you?

Sometimes it can for me. So right now I've chosen to never look at moving my body as something I need to do for say, the next 45 or 50 minutes.


When I start a class, a workout, my own routine, I honestly think, okay, Brie- let's start moving for a few minutes and see what happens.

I do this every time.

Because I recognize that action has a momentum to it...

That within 5 or 10 minutes, I'll very likely want to keep going.

I'll keep moving.

Honestly it's why I keep coming back to BASE.

When I'm able to jump online with you all, I find that that action alone carries me to complete the class nearly every time.

I feel the momentum push me to the next song, the next exercise, the next few minutes of class because I'm truly enjoying the next laugh, the next burnout, the next moment of connection that comes with it.

So whether it's BASE, your ride, your walk, your run or your workout, I hope you set the stage for giving yourself the grace to see what happens when you start.

Maybe enter it with no expectations or pressure for the perfect completion.

Maybe just get started.

Just start moving.

From there, let's see what happens next.

In sweaty gratitude, always,

-B xo

Should I just end this newsletter there?

Saying this out loud as I look over at my

incredible-now-13-year-old-teenage-mini I think, wow. How did I get here?

Saying that out loud as I look down at my adorable-nearly-3-month-old-baby-mini, I shake my head further and think, damn.

How did I get here?

Do you ever look around at your life and find yourself in awe of where you were, how far you've come, and where you've landed?

I do... often. Maybe now more than ever. And it fills me with such an immense amount of gratitude and disbelief with just how much can change over the course of a year.

What has stayed consistent?

You all. And my desire to serve, support, motivate and challenge you.

Summer schedules, travel opps, kids roaming free...

All of it challenges us to find the time to jump into class together.

And yet... here we are.

What do you see when you look back to where you were a year ago? How do you feel about where you're standing today?

Even if you don't have a teenager that terrifies you or a

baby that you've just birthed, I guarantee you've experienced some epic changes this past year that have helped define your life right now.

And if you've been a part of the BASE community, you've done it alongside us.

For me, experiencing these shifts knowing that I have you to fall back to has meant everything.

Makes appreciating where I've been and where I'm headed that much more significant.

It also grounds me in recognizing where

I am right now.

And honestly, I'm not sure there is

anywhere I'd rather be.

-B xo